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The online learning skills course* for 10-13 year-olds that:

  • Shows you how to learn faster and remember more.
  • Teaches you the learning techniques that match the way your brain prefers to learn.
  • Makes learning easier, more successful and more enjoyable

Campaign for Learning

Click here for pdf of Campaign for Learning research on "Learning to Learn in Schools".




* Available to schools on a site licence basis

Accelerated Learning

? Accelerated Learning Systems 2001 / Campaign for Learning

Education Resources Awards 2002 – Shortlisted for The UK Innovation Award
study skills for students
Learning to learn helps students and teachers
Study, examination and memory skills
Teacher training advice
Home schooling advice and advice for parents with students
Accelerated learning
Learning to learn techniques help school success
Learning and memory techniques create school success
Knowing personal learning styles helps sudents