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Accelerated Learning Systems 2001

Learning to learn helps students and teachers
Study, examination and memory skills
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Home schooling advice and advice for parents with students
Accelerated learning
Learning to learn techniques help school success
Learning and memory techniques create school success
Knowing personal learning styles helps sudents
Learning how to learn is a great investment

How CHAMPS helps students, teachers and parents.

CHAMPS will help any student acquire the most important skill of all - the ability to learn any subject effectively and quickly, and to retain what they have learned.

In today's fast paced world, what students learn can become outdated. But how to learn is a skill that will last them a lifetime. It is surely the underpinning skill for raising achievement.

Yet until now we have rarely taught this skill. We teach what - but rarely how.

CHAMPS fills that gap.

It is based on fascinating recent discoveries about the brain and how people learn. These have led to the recognition that each student has a way of learning that suits them best - a preferred learning style.